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Experienced Resources

QuBX Consulting hires only experienced personnel. Everyone at QuBX comes from either a billing vendor or wireless carrier with at least 5 years experience. This allows QuBX to view issues from multiple perspectives. When we enter a carrier's business and provide direction, we have walked in their shoes, we have done what we tell them, because QuBX personnel have been there!


QuBX Consulting is not aligned with any vendors. This allows us to remain objective and focused on the specific client needs, without regard to revenue impact for QuBX. QuBX has established relationships with numerous vendors since we have worked with them in the past. This allows us to utilize this experience and provide the best solutions based on the client requirements.

Project Evaluation

The QuBX Consulting partners meet with the decision makers at each client's location to determine the best project approach to solve their specific problem. QuBX Consulting then works with the customer to define specific deliverables which will add value to the organization. Each project is reviewed on a case by case basis since no two are alike. Once the deliverables are agreed upon, QuBX Consulting will select the individual or individual(s) who best fit the client's needs based on background and skill set.

Client Reporting

Weekly reports are always provided to the client and QuBX Consulting principals. QuBX Consulting principals make a point of touching base and speaking with the clients while the project is in progress. We never get a contract signed and walk away from a client. QuBX Consulting feels that weekly reporting and periodic status meetings helps both us and the client.


Since QuBX's inception, one of our founding philosophies has been: "Let's not reinvent the wheel". In keeping with this philosophy, we have developed templates to utilize as a starting point. These templates includes RFPs, process flows, procedures, staffing models, budgets, business plans and a variety of other areas. These templates are then customized to meet each specific project.

Project Duration

While additional work is always beneficial, QuBX Consulting does NOT stretch out assignments. We do what we were hired to do and move on. QuBX Consulting will train your personnel prior to leaving. We want to leave the expertise with your company.

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