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Business Plan Development

Time to market

Short and long term business goals

Projected revenue and expenses

Return on investment

Product and/or services description

Risks and issues

Sample project timelines and resource requirements

Budget Preparation


Capital Expenditures

Non-Capital Expenditures

Cash Flow

Staffing Model

Depreciation and Amortization costs

Process Flow Development

Interviews with executives to define business directions

Interviews with users to define existing processes

Documentation of interviews

Documentation of highlighted risks and issues

Documentation of high level and detail process flows

Documentation of changes/ and recommendations based on existing process

Procedures Development

Written procedures for each department or affected team utilizing the process flows which existed or were created

Creation of forms or templates

Communication of procedures to all affected work groups

Documentation of processes for updates and changes to procedures

User Training

Review of existing documentation and training materials for content and format

Development of training materials for new products/systems/processes and procedures

Approval of training materials prior to delivery to personnel

Delivery and scheduling of training sessions

Follow up sessions

Development of Requirements

Documentation of desired operational and functional characteristics of the system

Identification of the importance (weighting factor) of the feature / function

Identification of the urgency of the feature / function (e.g., is it required for launch, or will a later delivery suffice)

Develop RFP

Finalization and prioritization of requirements

Selection of vendors for RFP receipt

Execution of confidentiality agreements if required

Time line determination for vendor response

Support for vendor questions

Vendor Evaluation, RFP Scoring and Due Diligence

Coordination of the exchange of information necessary to perform comparative evaluations

Evaluation of vendors and the development of tabular comparisons of features, functions, and other selection criteria

Presentation of evaluation results to client management for final selection of vendors and/or products

Gap Analysis

Documentation of functional or operational gaps between the system and the client requirements

Documentation of workarounds necessitated by gaps

Contract Negotiation

Prioritization and scheduling of system customization

Time frames for vendor deliverables

Pricing for contract duration

Facilitation and coordination of Vendor meetings

Tracking and reporting of Vendor open items and stated deliverables

Vendor Management

Review of the design documents

Joint development of enhancement plans and timetables

Establishment of interim milestones and measurement criteria

Monitoring of vendor activities and notification to the client of problems evident with either the timeliness or quality of delivery

Assistance with the enforcement of vendor contracts

Status updates with the vendor

Release Planning

Determination of the relative priority of the system customization

Planning the packaging and scheduling of enhancement releases

Implementation Support

Utilization of change management procedures and configuration control utilities to update the appropriate environment libraries (e.g. test training, production)

Coordination with Operations to ensure availability of required infrastructure

Coordination of necessary installation procedures

Populate and update of control tables and system parameters

Operations training

Receipt and review of system documentation

Impact Analysis

Assess impact of delayed delivery of service offerings on business processes and other systems.

Assess and document changes to business processes, system requirements, and manual workarounds necessitated by the delays.

Acceptance Testing

Review of deliverables, designs, and operational documentation

Comparative analysis of what was specified vs. delivered

Development of test plans, procedures and test scripts

Preparation of the test environment

Execution of the test plan and evaluation of test results

Follow up on corrective action required

Documentation of acceptance status

Launch Support

Perform business simulation

Coordinate system changes required for live operation

Provide troubleshooting and problem resolution support during initial live operation

Audit and review of live operations results in order to ensure the integrity of processes and system outputs


Development of support transition plan

Preparation of turnover documentation

Business Audits and Re-Engineering

Review of existing processes/procedures

Evaluation and documentation required to change existing infrastructure based on business needs

Audits of existing departments for revenue assurance, controls and business functions

Long term strategic planning and re-engineering of systems for greater efficiency and alignment with operational goals

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